After failing to check the forecast, parents forced to change plans on the fly

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (KNN) – Saturday evening playground plans went out the window when a pair of Terre Haute parents failed to look outside of their window before promising their three-year-old a trip to the playground.

It happened around 3:45 p.m. Chris and Ami Essex asked their son Alex if he wanted to go to the playground, not realizing it was raining outside until they walked out of the door.

“I noticed it was warm outside, but didn’t actually look at the conditions part of the forecast on my Apple Watch,” Ami said.

Alex, in a great mood, was reportedly really excited about the playground.

“We knew the playground wasn’t going to happen…but we knew we had to come up with a solid plan to replace it…and time was running out,” Chris said.

Parents say they started small with Rural King – a farm-style store that Alex likes to walk around in. They said their endgame was a place called Bouncin Barn – a business full of bounce houses that Alex loves.

“That costs like $7.50 and it is cash only. So that would have meant an ATM and then dinner before we went to get our money worth. Which is all okay, but it was our last resort,” Ami told us.

The other options the family had were the Terre Haute Children’s Museum or the library. The problem? Both closed within the hour.

“We ended up at the museum. We have a membership there…so it was free for the quick stop. Plus he’s been there enough where we could kind of rush him through it,” Ami said.

After the family made the quick children’s museum stop, they went to McDonald’s play place for dinner.

“I think we mostly felt bad. It gave him a little more time to play,” Chris said.

Both parents say they’ve learned their lesson and will make sure they check the forecast before promising their kid another playground trip.

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