Three-year-old accused of throwing Legos in the sink, clogging garbage disposal

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (KNN) – Parents say a local three-year-old will likely not face any time out time after Legos were found in the garbage disposal. That’s because they said they don’t have enough evidence to charge him.

Parents Chris and Ami Essex said they made the discovery on Monday night after Alex went to bed.

Chris was reportedly cleaning the kitchen when he tried to run the garbage disposal, and it became jammed.

“So yeah, it wouldn’t go. I immediately called Ami in to look at it, because she can fix things. I am clueless,” Chris said.

Ami checked a reset switch under the disposal, with no luck.

After digging into the disposal, the parents found most of a small Lego car.

“He likely won’t face any time out. Sometimes, if he is acting up we will take his toys and place them on the counter as a punishment. I don’t know for sure that Ami or I didn’t accidentally knock it into the sink and didn’t notice,” Chris said.

The car was in pieces, but the parts weren’t damaged.

“They were disgusting. Food that was rinsed into the sink stuck to them. We will clean them off before returning them to the Lego box,” Ami told us.


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