Dad hopes for rain while son spends the night at his grandmother’s, so he can play video games guilt free

A local dad is hoping for rain while his son spends the night at his grandmothers so the ‘sun doesn’t judge him’ for wanting to play PlayStation all day.

Department of Parenting performs daring rescue after four year trapped inches off the ground

The Department of Parenting says they performed a daring rescue after a four year old was stuck over two inches off the ground in a grassy area after climbing a rock.

The mystery of the penguin on top of the tv station was finally solved – and the 3-year-old wasn’t too far off

For a year, three-year-old Alex was telling his mom and dad he was seeing a penguin on top of his father's tv station place of work...parents finally figured out what he was looking at - and he wasn't that far off. Here's what it was.