Haircut boosts four-year-old’s age appearance by years

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (KNN) – Parents are expressing concern their four-year-old son Alex is growing up too quick after a haircut made him look years older.

The haircut happened last week in Terre Haute.

Ami Essex says she took her son, Alex, to get a haircut after his hair started to grow a little long.

“He’s always been a kid that totally changes his appearance when he gets a haircut. His first ever haircut was at Walt Disney World, he went from a baby to toddler with that haircut,” Ami said.

She went on to say his haircut last week made him look like a teenager.

“I wasn’t ready for it. They styled it a little…and holy I wasn’t ready,” Ami told us.

Alex’s dad, Chris, was at work when the haircut happened.

“Ami sent me the picture, and I was shocked. I looked good…but I was shocked,” Chris told us. “I sent the photo to my brother. His response was just as shocked I think.”

We asked Alex about his haircut.

“I’m going to get another haircut today.” Alex said. We told him he wasn’t. He said, “I am going to get a haircut today, and it won’t be super long.”

The photo below was a before and after, taken on the same day…within hours of each other.

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