Who are we?

I want to take a step back from the jokes and tell you a little about our story.

Family...My name is Chris Essex. My wife Ami and I had this awesome kid. That kid is Alex. He is the center of our world.

What makes Alex so cool? Well, aside from the typical dad gushing, he’s a Leap Day kid! I love everything about that. He has a great personality, but I think every parent would say that about their kid.

My day job is a news writer. If you watch the news, it’s no secret that there usually isn’t much good in it. It is packed with sad or scary stories. With that said, I love what I do and I love to write. I’ve often joked with coworkers about how much fun it would be to write an over dramatic story on a ribbon cutting.

“No injuries were reported as the mayor used giant scissors to slice through a ribbon. Witnesses say the blades came dangerously close to the chamber president’s hands.”

Sounds dumb, right?

But you know what lends itself to this kind of humor? The life of a kid.

Sippy cups manYes. The kid that cries because he doesn’t want the full sippy cup, he wants the (identical looking) one near the sink. Or the kid that thinks putting his winter coat is the same as cutting his hands off.

How much fun would it be to write over dramatic news about that?

The answer…lots of fun. Lots and lots of fun.

So yes, this is satire. I may embellish or make up facts.

This site is just to make you, family, friends, and pretty much anyone else laugh. Share it with your parent friends that might get a kick out of it! Share it with your grandma who just loves kid photos. I don’t even care! Let’s have fun together!