Pregnancy or just four? Parent’s question child’s weird eating

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (KNN) – A pair of local parents say their four-year-old son, Alex, has made some questionable eating decisions, leaving them wondering if he severely might be pregnant.

In the last couple of days, Chris and Ami Essex say their son has made a couple of disgusting combinations.

It started on Tuesday when he mixed a unique chip with salsa.

“We were having lunch, Ami had some tortilla chips and salsa with hers, and I had salt and vinegar kettle chips with mine. Alex decided to take my salt and vinegar chips…and dip them in salsa,” Chris said.

Alex reportedly made a strange face when he took a bite, but he went back for more, eating a decent amount.

“I really really like salsa and chips,” Alex told us. “It is my favorite.”

On Wednesday, Alex upped his fake pregnancy game when he decided to make a Cheeze-It sandwich.

“He had a regular sandwich and Cheeze-It’s…he took all the sandwich stuff on and threw the little crackers on the bread and chowed down,” Ami told us.

Parents note Alex refuses to eat normal things right now, like cheese.

“He’s eating like a pregnant woman,” Chris said laughing. “Just the most random combinations.”

“I want pretzels and sweet and sour sauce,” Alex told us as he worked on a bowl of pretzels.

There is a history of Alex making odd combinations. The child got his start when he dipped cut up apples into barbecue sauce.

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