Parents: Naked three-year-old traps robot vacuum under his Hot Wheels table

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (KNN) – Parents say a Terre Haute three-year-old trapped a new robot vacuum under a table in his playroom.

It happened on Saturday morning on the city’s southside.

According to dad, Chris Essex, his son Alex started the family’s new Shark Ion robot vacuum after he got out of the bath.

“So, Alex is at the point he will get out of the bathtub on his own and go do his own thing,” Chris said, explaining why Alex was running around naked.


Chris says Alex has been infatuated with the vacuum since the family received it as a Christmas gift.

“He likes to walk up to it and push the button, making it vacuum. I guess that means he is contributing to the clening?” his mom, Ami laughed.

On Saturday, however, Chris said he walked in on Alex, naked, under his Hot Wheels table with the robot trapped.

“He was talking to it, but I couldn’t tell what they were saying…it sounded like they were playing,” Chris told us.

Alex has had a strange love affair with vacuums. He allegedly told a normal one that he loved it and gave it a kiss a few years ago.

“Let’s hope this means he will be a clean freak…but I doubt it,” Chris laughed.

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