Four-year-old insists his dad spend the day in Mini Mouse ears, bracelet – here’s what happened

TERRE HAUTE, Ind (KNN) – A Terre Haute dad says his son insisted he go full mouse throughout the entire day.

It happened on Friday.

Alex Essex’s dad, Chris, said it all started Friday morning as he was getting his son ready to go.

“I was actually looking for some super glue in a junk drawer so I could fix one of his toys, when he found one of my wife’s Mini Mouse bracelets from Walt Disney World,” Chris said.

That is when Alex reportedly disappeared…and then came back with sparkly Mini Mouse ears, also from Walt Disney World. Alex went on to insist Chris wear both the ears and the bracelet.

“So he physically put the bracelet on me…followed by the ears. I laughed…and it was game over from there. When I tried to take them off before we left…he insisted I keep them on,” Chris told us.

That is when his adventure in Mini Mouse ears started.

“The guy at Pandera (SIC) Bread laughed at daddy. Daddy Mini Mouse was wearing ears and a bracelet,” Alex said while belly laughing.

Chris took Alex to meet up with Ami after an appointment before he went to work. Alex went on to insist Chris wear the ears into work.

“Look…I’ve been working at the same job for around 15 years. I am not afraid to walk in with some Mini Mouse ears and a bracelet on,” Chris laughed. “Plus, it was Halloween eve.”

He said the ears were fairly popular in the newsroom he works inside of.

At the end of the day, Chris said he got out of the ears and bracelet before going to the gym. Once again, Alex went on to insist he wears the Mini gear.

“Daddy needs to exercise and be Mini Mouse,” Alex said.

Chris said he took the ears off before he went inside of the gym.

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