With salons closed, parents say four-year-old’s hair nearing first haircut length

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (KNN) – A Vigo County four-year-old’s hair is nearing his hair length ahead of his first haircut.

With salons and barbershops closed due to the pandemic, Alex Essex is in serious need of a haircut.

Parents Chris and Ami told us Alex was between one and a half and two before he received his first cut.

“So, we booked a Walt Disney World trip…and we really wanted him to have his first haircut there. Toward the end, his hair got very long,” Chris said.

At one point, people reportedly thought Alex was a girl.

Ami said while Alex’s hair is nearing pre-Disney length…it does not have the curls that made it cute a couple of years ago.

“Before, we were totally okay with it because he had these cute curls. Now? He looks like a kid that really badly needs a haircut,” Ami said.

Hair salons are expected to open in Indiana in the next week. Chris says him and Alex will be among the first in line, or to make an appointment.

“Of course we want to be safe…but the long hair? That’s a no from us,” Chris said.

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