Local man accused of running off the books temporary tattoo parlor

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (KNN) – The Department of Parenting says they busted a temporary tattoo parlor amid COVID-19 restrictions.

The bust happened on Friday in southern Vigo County.

DOP officials say they were tipped off to the parlor when four-year-old Alex Essex appeared in social media photos with a new tattoo on his arm.

Officials say his father, Chris, is responsible for the long lasting sticker.

“During our investigation, we learned Alex had a total of three tattoos. One on his arm, one on his chest, and one on his stomach. Chris will be facing three separate charges,” a DOP spokesperson told us.

Chris told us he didn’t have a comment.

We tracked Alex down, where he told us his dad gave him the tattoos.

“Daddy has a heart on my heartbeep, a Lightning McQueen on my tummy and….,” Alex immediately walked out of the interview at that point.

DOP investigators confirmed to KNN Alex had cherries on his chest, a heart on his stomach, and a lightning bolt on his arm, leaving some questioning Alex, since he had the placement of the tattoos incorrect,

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