Local mom concerned after four-year-old cleverly outsmarts her

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (KNN) – A local mom says she is concerned after her four-year-old son outsmarted her…and she didn’t see it coming.

It happened on Thursday evening during a drive home from Alex Essex’s grandmother’s house in Paris, Illinois.

Ami – who is Alex’s mom said she walked right into a verbal trap with the young child.

Alex loves going to car washes…and that love had Alex thinking outside of the box.

See a transcript of the conversation below:

Alex: Our car is dirty (speaking about the outside)
Ami: Yes it is.
Alex: Where do you take dirty cars?
Ami: You take dirty cars to the car wash.
Alex: Maybe we can go to the car wash then? (Alex had a grin, like he knew he trapped her)

Chris, who was driving at the time said he saw the trap coming from a mile away.

“As soon as he said ‘Where do you take dirty cars’ I knew he was baiting her into saying car wash. He wants to go to the car wash every time we drive by one,” Chris said. “I’m worried about Ami when Alex gets older. He walked her into a trap at four. Imagine when he is eight?”

Ami said she was impressed that her son was thinking outside of the box.

“He got me…fair and square. I will need to up my game. That’s for sure. I’m excited for the challenge,” Ami said.

She told us she wasn’t angry…and that she owes Alex a car wash trip.

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