Three simple tips to beat the day after Christmas headache


For many parents, Christmas Day is a magical day. Seeing the joy on a young child’s face as they open presents from Santa is great. It makes all of the stress leading up to the big day worth it. But somewhere, maybe mid-way through opening presents…or maybe later in the day, you wish Santa would have possibly picked out a few toys that require a little less assembly.

The joy quickly turns to awkward large boxes that don’t fit in trash cans…and trip after trip to the curb or dumpster to get rid of the boxes. And then there’s the assembly. The day after Christmas can be a challenge. Here are three tips to help you deal with the day after headache.


  1. Fake Sick

You may feel bad about this one at first. If you claim to be sick…your husband or wife will be in the living room with a screwdriver or ratchet set while you lay in bed with headphones on. When you want the family time…you can keep your PJs on, make some coffee, hot chocolate, or tea and go sit on the couch and watch your spouse build things while you sip your hot drink.


2. Volunteer to Work

This one might not be possible for everyone. If you have a job when you can work if you want…maybe just go in and get some things done…or you put in vacation time earlier in the year try and go in for a little bit. I’m not saying you should lie…don’t say you are going to work and then sit at Panera for two hours coming up with that screenplay you’ve been dreaming of writing. Actually, go to work.



3. Punt it until the weekend 

Procrastination. Pure and simple. Just don’t mess with it until the weekend. You will likely have to build a few toys…but just put it off. You and your spouse will be able to come up with a reason easy enough to justify it! Maybe you BOTH don’t feel well?



Follow these tips and you should be able to survive the post-Christmas headache! Hang in there, parents.


EDITOR’S NOTE. Remember. This site is all in fun. I don’t advocate or love the idea of you avoiding time with your children or family. As exhausting as it all is…it’s all part of what makes being a mommy or daddy great.





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