Shy Santa: Three-year-old goes into hiding during yearly visit

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A Terre Haute three-year-old continued his uneasy relationship with Santa Claus during his yearly visit last week.

It happened at the Indiana State University Credit Union on the city’s north side.

Three-year-old Alex made his fourth visit to see the man in red…and while it didn’t go bad, his parents say it could have gone better.

“Last year, it was stranger danger. No way. This year, we had the shy guy. Santa is always super great when he visits the credit union. So nice. Alex just didn’t know what to make of him,” Chris, Alex’s dad, said.

Parents say it got off to an uneasy start when Alex spotted fake presents under the tree behind Santa. Alex wanted them right away.

“When we walked in, he wanted the presents. He’s in a stage where every present is his present. We had to explain that it isn’t. He had a hard time with that. I’m not sure he fully got over that,” Ami Essex said.

Alex ultimately did sit on Santa’s lap and get his photo taken, but it was with his face covered or with Alex chewing in his finger, a move his parents think is something he does when he’s feeling shy or nervous.

“Last year, Alex wanted nothing to do with Santa…so shy Alex is for sure an upgrade. I’ll take it,” Chris laughed.

His parents say when they left, Alex talked a lot about what the pair discussed.

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