Fake Toddler News no more: Kid News Now coming soon


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – Popular (among a few moms and some of the author’s friends) toddler news site, Fake Toddle News is set to change its name and branding.

On Saturday, Fake Toddler News President and CEO Chris Essex issues a statement unveiling the new name and URL.

Fake Toddler News will soon be Kid News Now – at kidnewsnow.com. Essex says the Fake Toddler News site will redirect users for a few months.

In a statement, Essex explained why he felt it was time for a change.

“When I started this website about three years ago, I truly made up my stories. It was about Alex’s toys and the adventures they would go on. I would sometimes make things up regarding Alex. Over time, I learned that as Alex got older, the stuff I made up wasn’t as bizarre as real life, so my stuff started turning real, if not a little exaggerated,” Essex said.

He told us the change to Kid News Now will allow him to change it up a little.

“My over the top reviews of things meant for children have been popular. Those aren’t fake. The things my son does…totally real. Fake just didn’t fit the brand anymore. Plus, Alex isn’t really a toddler anymore. He hit preschool age.  The toddler portion of that brand just didn’t fit anymore either,” Essex told us.

Social media branding is expected to change right away, and Essex says he will start working on the new site right away, and hopes to have it running by the end of Christmas week.

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