Toddler accused of slobbering up dad’s iPad

TERRE HAUTE,Ind (FTN) – A Terre Haute dad has accused his toddler of slobbering up his iPad.

The alleged incident happened Wednesday morning.

Chris Essex has accused his three-year-old son Alex of intentionally slobbering on, and then rubbing the slobber into his iPad.

“We were drawing using my iPad and Apple Pencil when he just started slobbering,” Chris said.

The slobbering didn’t concern Chris, but what happened next has Chris asking questions.

“He started rubbing it with around the screen…like…really rubbing it in,” Chris said.

We asked Alex for a comment.

“Uh…police cars. Police cars. Bouncing choo choos,” Alex told us.

He was watching Chuggington when FTN talked with him.

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