Hot Wheels Barbie car a hit at toddler’s third birthday party

PARIS, Ill. (FTN) – What started out as a gag gift turned into a very happy moment for a three-year-old Indiana boy.

Alex Essex celebrated his third birthday on Saturday.

Gifts included a Hot Wheels stunt track, a Mac Truck from the movie Cars, and a book about dragons loving tacos.

The surprise gift however, have Alex excited. Alex’s mom, Ami explains.

“So, the night before his birthday party, we went to Meijer to pick up his cake. Chris wanted to pick out a couple more things for Alex’s party. That is when I found the Barbie car,” Ami explains.

The Barbie car is a Hot Wheels version of the classic pink convertible.

“I got it for him for both nostalgia for me, and kind of as a gag gift for Alex. I knew he would probably like it…but he friggin loved it,” Ami told us.

Witnesses at Alex’s party say when he opened the Barbie car, he shook with excitement.

“He shook. He literally shook,” party goer Jade Scott said.

Alex’s dad Chris said he loves that his son was so excited over the classic girl’s toy.

“I am not one of those dads that would be upset if my son were into dolls. Heck…he has an Elsa poster in his bedroom. I think it’s adorable he is so into the Barbie car,” Chris said.

Alex also received inflatable boxing gloves and a sword from his uncle. This was a follow up from his fake rubber snake last year.

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