Dad jams to toddler’s music…without his kid in the car

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A Terre Haute dad said he caught himself listening to toddler-centric music…without his kid in the car.

It happened Wednesday when 36-year-old dad Chris Essex was on his way to work.

Chris said he was skimming through the family’s SiriusXM presets in their car when he stopped on the Kids Place Live station.

That is channel 78.

Chris said his son, three-year-old Alex loves the station.

“So I was listening to something 90’s probably. That song ended so I bounced around. I came across the Princess song by BigBlock Sing Song,” Chris said.

Chris said he couldn’t resist listening the song.

“Oh yeah. I’ve hears it before. It’s so damn catchy. I for sure sang along,” Chris said.

Chris said he wasn’t embarrassed saying he would listen to it again if it came in.

“I may go listen to it after this interview actually,” Chris said.

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