After gummy pack goes empty, toddler accuses parents of theft

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A Terre Haute toddler has accused his parents of stealing his gummy snacks on the way home from shopping.

It happened on Sunday when two-year-old Alex Essex and his parents, Chris and Ami made a grocery trip to Meijer.

According to Ami, if they pick up gummy snacks while shopping they will usually let Alex have a pack for the ride home.

“We opened the snacks…and gave him a pack like always,” Ami said.

When the snack pack went empty, that is when the accusations began to fly.

“He got angry. Really angry. I think he thought we took them. We didn’t even eat one of them. He just loves gummy snacks so much…there was no way he thought he could be out,” Chris said.

But Alex’s tears told a different story.

He accuses the parents of taking the so called “dad tax” out of his gummies, when Alex says the packs are too small, with only five or six gummies, to be taxed.

Both Ami and Chris insist they didn’t take any of their son’s treats.

“I wouldn’t do that to him. Not with gummy snacks. He loves those. Plus happy child means happy ride home,” Essex said.

The investigation has been handed off to Sheriff Woody, who normally only handles issues in the family’s home.

Woody said since the alleged crime involves he car, which is still the property of the parents, he has jurisdiction.

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