Father claims to have cracked the toddler code with “Toddler Trifecta”

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A Terre Haute dad claims he has cracked the code that dictates how toddlers operate.

That dad is 34-year-old Chris Essex.

Essex calls it the “Toddler Trifecta.”

He says this formula is the result of over two years of research.

“I obtained this with first-hand knowledge,” Essex told us.

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He said a toddler’s temper tantrum can be broken down into two main emotions and a catalyst.

“If you put all three of these together, watch out…you have a meltdown on your hands,” Essex said.

Those three points are sleepiness, hunger, and what Essex calls the catalyst.

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“Any two of the three are easy enough to handle, but if you have both sleepy…hungry…and the catalyst sparks…it’s game over.”

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Essex told us the catalyst can be anything from using the wrong kind of spoon to feed your toddler to an attempted hug or kiss.


“The catalyst can be literally anything…it is like walking around a live bomb…if you trip the wrong wire, you have a long few minutes ahead,” Essex said.

Essex said his test subject was two-year-old Alex Essex.

“I observed him, when he had meltdowns, I started looking for factors that were similar. That is when I noticed a trend. I find it is the worst right before dinner or right after a nap. He will sometime wake up still tired because he has to poop or something…but then he’s mad because he is still tired. And then after a nap, of course, he is hungry and ready for a snack.”

Essex made a diagram that he hopes becomes mainstream.

“I’m considering writing a book around it. I want to help new parents understand what this is before it’s too late,” Essex said.

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