Tires or toys: Local preschooler passes the toy aisle for tires at Walmart

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (KNN) – A trip to a Terre Haute Walmart surprised parents when their four-year-old son went straight to the tires…passing the toys.

It happened earlier this week at Walmart on the city’s southside.

Parents say their son Alex went straight to the store’s tire section, asking what they were made out of and wanting to buy one.

“He started rolling one away. Like, okay, I’ve picked this one out,” Alex’s dad Chris said. “We had to convince him that he didn’t need his own full-sized tire.”

Alex reportedly ran around and into piles of tires, at one point trying to go into the employees only section, where workers were making repairs to vehicles.

“Yeah, he wanted to go back there. I had to stop him, but he did stand there and watch for about five minutes,” Chris told us.

Alex’s tire obsession likely started when he first watched Disney and Pixar’s Cars movies.

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