Real Talk: My three-year-old son is just about to turn one – why I love being the dad of a Leap Day baby

Four years ago, my wife Ami and I welcomed our son Alex into the world…and he is finally celebrating his first birthday.

I have a lot of things that are “my favorite thing about my son.” I love when he butchers words. I love when he offers narration when my wife and I are doing something. But on the list of things I love are his birthday.

My birthday is January 31…nothing special about that. My birthday parties always got snowed out and that sucked…but I had a 1 and 365 chance of being born on that day.

Alex – and other Leapers? They are rare. How rare? There’s a 1 and 1,461 chance of being born on February 29. In the entire world…people with Leap Day birthdays account for .07 of the world’s population. And that is so damn cool.

Since we had Alex, I’ve joined a couple of Leap Day groups. First I joined one for Leapers…since I was a Leap Day dad..I was really hoping they would welcome me. They did. The second group, I later found is for Leap Day parents.

As a Leaper by relation only I’ve learned a lot about people who celebrate their birthday on this unique day. They are a quirky, proud, and so so friendly.

On most Facebook pages you join, there’s always a pissing match about something. I’m part of some drone pilot groups…most are nice but there are the ones that like to start crap. The Leap Day groups? Everybody is so friendly with each other.

The web site, Leap Year Day Dot Com is a great resource too. I’ve had conversations with the person who has organized much of this community, Raenell, and she is incredible. The world is a better place for Alex is because of the years of work she’s put into awareness and making sure website recognize February 29 as an actual birthday.

Alex – a kid my wife and I never thought we would be able to have being born on such a unique day – I love that.

Do I look at Alex as a weird kid? Yes…but only because sometimes he likes to lick walls. His birthday though? Not weird at all.

My three-year-old son is about to celebrate his first birthday. Being the father of a Leap Day baby is one of my favorite's why.

If you are reading this and about to become the parent of a Leap Day kiddo…you are joining, by relation, an awesome group of people. Your child has an automatic conversation starter.

If you are reading this and you are a Leaper…happy birthday! And all of you born on February 29, 1956…happy 16th birthday and good luck taking your test for your drivers license.

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