Local dad says he’s excited to steal Leap Day birthday freebies from his Leaper son

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (KNN) – A local dad says he’s getting ready to take advantage all of the free promotions for people with February 29 birthdays.

Burgers, french fries, pizza, and deserts…Chris Essex says while he may not be a Leapling, his almost four year old son Alex is – and he plans to take advantage of all of the free food offered on his son’s birthday.

Alex is turning four on Saturday – but it is his first February 29 birthday.

“I think I’m most excited to let my son watch me eat four deserts at Olive Garden. They are doing four to make up for the lost birthdays,” Chris said.

Many places up their free promotion game for Leapers, since their birthdays are so rare.

Chris’ wife Ami says she thinks thinks her husband won’t have it so easy when it comes to getting food when her son his around.

“He will eat his food…my food…and then Chris’ food. If Chris thinks he is having free pizza and Alex isn’t going to eat it…he is mistaken,” Ami told us.

After hearing his wife’s point, Chris admitted it would be a challenge.

“You don’t want to eat all of the pizza,” Alex told us. “I’m going to eat the pizza and French fries with ‘pepponni.'”

Editors Note: This is 100 percent satire. While I’ve been keeping my stories true…I would obviously never steal food from my son, but I did joke about it with my wife today and thought it would make a fun idea! Yay Leap Day birthdays!!

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