As 2020 starts, parents start planning for their three-year-old’s first birthday

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (KNN) – Parents say planning is underway for their three-year-old son’s first birthday.

“I think he might be the biggest one-year-old ever,” Chris Essex told us, laughing.

Chris is Alex’s dad and Alex has statistically, the rarest birthday a person can have.

February, 29. Alex is a Leap Day baby.


The odds of being born on Leap Day are one in 1,461.

“I think it is so fun that he has such a unique birthday. I was so happy when he was born on the 29th in 2016,” Alex’s mom, Ami said.

Alex was reportedly born just before 1:00 a.m. on Leap Day.

“I remember, his doctor told us Alex had a due date of either February 28 or March 1. It was later that day when I realized there was a February 29 in 2016,” Chris said.

Chris told us while everyone was trying to predict Alex’s birthdate ahead of time he and his brother David were the only two to guess Leap Day.

His parents celebrate his birthday on non-leap years on February 28.

They told KNN they are planning on a Thomas the Train birthday party.1st birthday

“Thomas has had staying power for him. He’s loved the little blue useful engine for a long time,” Ami said.

Alex’s first attempt at a first birthday party had a Toy Story theme.

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