The spoiler filled (first 20 minutes because my son wanted to leave) review of Frozen 2

We were going to try and take our three-year-old to Toy Story 4 for his first ever movie in the theater. We ended up not, because we didn’t think he would still still long enough. That was over the summer.

On Saturday – we decided to actually give it a try with Frozen 2. We made the trip to Paris, Illinois…where both my mother-in-law and the cheap movie theater lives. $5 per ticket and then large popcorn, drink, and two things of candy for a TOTAL of $13 cheap.

So, Alex made it through the first song before my wife had to take him to the lobby. I ended up tagging out with her and leaving about 10 minutes later. So here’s my review of the first 20 minutes of Frozen 2…with a ton of spoilers. Mostly from the trailers before the movie.


So there was a longer trailer for the Spider-Man and Starlord Pixar movie! I forgot what it was called. But it looks really fun. I couldn’t follow really well, because Alex was trying to pet the kid’s hair in front of him…but it looks like Peter Parke and Peter Quill are brothers in this one, except they are fantasy creatures. Their dad passed away and it looked kind of like Weekend at Bernie’s – but with magic. Actually, Weekend at Bernie’s had magic too I think. So, it was like fantasy Weekend at Bernie’s…maybe? Whatever, I’m sure it’ll make me cry when I see it.

The other take-away from the trailers…I can preorder Star Wars tickets. I know this because the volume was like….really loud for this part. I’m not into Star Wars…so I won’t be preordering.


Alex’s movie during the movie was sliding out of the chair so it would pop up from under him. He liked how It would fold up on itself. That and literally drinking all of a large drink.

So it starts with Anna and Elsa’s parents telling them a bedtime story about their grandpa dying when they were little girls. (Little Anna is so friggin adorable) Like, if I am trying to get my kid to fall asleep…it is not going to be the story of how my dad died.

“And then he rode in an ambulance to the hospital…where he spent four days on life support before the doctor said he wasn’t going to make it….okay, I love you Alex, goodnight!”

But I’m guessing that story was key to the plot. Who knows….probably you if you’ve seen Frozen 2…but I have no idea. All I could think of was Captain Planet. “WIND, FIRE, ICE, WATER. WITH OUR POWERS COMBINED – I AM CAPTAIN PLANET.”

So then we fast forward to a super jumpy Elsa. This is present time. She is twitchy like she thinks the cops are about to sneak up on her at any time.

That takes us to the first song, ‘Some Things Never Change.’ A couple of take-aways from this song. This song had all kinds of exposition.

1) Elsa has an oddly specific line about Arendelle’s flag always flying. So I’m guessing that will play a part in some way.

2) Kristoff is seriously afraid to propose to Anna? Come on bro…you’ve been with her for like six-years at this point. I think he should be more afraid of what happens if he DOESN’T propose to the princess. He’s a good dude and everything…but she’s a catch. I mean, she got engaged to her last boyfriend in like, three hours.

3) Finally Olaf. It took them like 10 minutes for him to make a real appearance in this movie. Which was about 10 minutes longer than I thought it would take. He was the obvious star of the first one. Yes, he was there kind of when they were kids in that first scene…but it’s just his shape and no Josh Gad.

So then Elsa sees ice with designs on it. And talks to the super forgettable for some reason rocks.

They go on a road trip where Olaf does his Olaf thing the entire time.

After that it starts to get a little muddy. The last thing I remember seeing in this movie is Olaf doing a funny recap of the first movie.


So, after that, I tried to take Alex to Walmart to walk around and look at toys. But I forgot it was Black Friday…so that was a nope. We ended up going to back to Ami’s mom’s house and watched the first 20 minutes of the Grinch.

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