Real talk: The maddening world of dad guilt

Hello! Welcome to my satire website where I turn my three year old son, Alex’s life into dramatic news stories. Once in a while I plan to start sprinkling in some real (not satire) parent talk…so let’s start here.

Dad guilt. Well, for me it’s dad guilt. Maybe for you it’s mom guilt, or grandparent guilt.

If you have kids, and you love you kids, you know it’s a real thing.

Should I spend more time with my kid? Am I teaching them enough? Have I taught him to ask his mom about her armpit hair (that she doesn’t have) in public yet?

I struggle with dad guilt very often. Let me explain.

Alex loves to be outside and explore. From the moment he wakes up…”go outside.”

I love to take him outside. This summer, however, has been a challenge.

I have really (really really) bad feed. I’ve been nursing a series of foot injuries that at some points has had me in the hospital for a couple of nights and others on crutches. For 90 percent of the summer, I’ve needed to go easy on my feet.

That makes me feel like a bad dad. I can’t take Alex to explore, leaving that only up to my wife. Which, for the record, she’s totally into exploring with him too.

How about the guilt if you buy yourself something?

Alex has a bedroom…and then a whole separate playroom that takes up a third bedroom. Plus an overflow of toys to the other parts of the house. He had his own iPad. (that he doesn’t care at all about) He eats well. Yes. He’s spoiled. He’s an only kid. Back off. Haha

If I buy a new PS4 game…or most recently, the new iPhone I feel guilty. Not because he is going without – but because I’m like…I could give him more.

Now, with all of that said…I know it’s bogus. Parent guilt, if you love your kid, it is in your head.

Quick…think back to your favorite memory with you family growing up? Was it that time you dad bought you the random toy that you broke or lost three weeks later, or was it the the time you snuggled up under the covers and read a free library book?

It was probably something like the library book thing.

When I became a dad, I never thought parent guilt would be a thing. Never once thought about it. It hit me like a ton of bricks one dad when the baby monitor app crashed. I think he was like six to nine months old. We wake up, peacefully for a second, only to faintly head him screaming in his bedroom. How long was he screaming? No idea. He was just fine…it only took a minute or two to calm him down, but after that, the guilt crept in.

Social media makes us feel like we aren’t doing as well for our kids as the guy you went to high school with, that you have seen since you snagged that diploma. They are only showing the world the happy, playground, Disney World photos on their social accounts.

I don’t care if you had to move back in with your parents because life is hard and you need a roof over your child’s head…or you are chugging along…happily married, you are enough. You loving your kid is enough. We all know that deep down.

Hang in there parents!

Now, here is a photo of a non perfect moment at an attempt to go out to dinner.

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