Dad enjoys entire KIND Bar as three-year-old stays the night at grandma’s

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A local dad says he had the chance to enjoy his first entire KIND Bar on Sunday morning in months.

Chris Essex says he usually has a KIND Bar for breakfast each morning, but his three-year-old, Alex, usually wants a bite.

“Of course I’m going to share. We are teaching sharing” Chris told us.

He said the bars aren’t very big, so when he shares a bite…it usually means giving up about a fourth of the bar.

“Yeah…I guess it’s payback for all of the times I’ve dad taxed him…it’s his kid tax,” Chris said.

On Sunday morning, when Chris went to his living room to enjoy coffee and a KIND Bar, Alex was out of town.

“It was great. I watched a really inappropriate show on Netflix. Drank two cups of coffee…and ate an entire bar. I didn’t have to share with anyone,” he said.

Alex is set to return home Sunday afternoon.

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