Mom finds pile of contraband in toddler’s bed

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A Vigo County mom has accused her toddler of trying to smuggle illegal toys in his bed before bedtime.

The reported incident happened on Saturday night.

Three-year-old Alex Essex’s mom, Ami, said she find several car type toys buried within the sheets and blankets.

The toys reportedly included things like a Hot Wheels tow truck, a Flo toy from the movie cars, and at least two trains.

“I do a nightly check of his bed…I one time found an oversized beach ball,” Ami said. “Often times I find books though.”

Ami said the distractions in the bed often lead to a delayed bedtime.

“I like that he wants to have books and stuff in his bed…reading is good…but one time we missed a book, and he was literally up to 1:00 talking to himself, looking at it,” Ami told us.

Ami said they compromise and let the toddler bring a large amount of stuff animals to bed.

“It’s a game I think…one of his bedtime rituals. He will bring all of his ‘friends’ to bed, and once we leave the room, he will throw them out. After that, he will crash,” Ami said.

Ami went on to say the cars and books will not be tolerated for now, and she will continue nightly searches.

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