Dad forced to kiss playroom barbecue wall mark before toddler’s nap

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A Terre Haute dad said he was forced to kiss a toddler stain on the playroom wall.

It happened Saturday morning before three-year-old Alex Essex’s nap.

Alex’s dad, Chris, said the toddler has a routine of things he has to kiss before he takes a nap.

“The dog, the cat…if the cat isn’t hiding, a couple of different Lightning McQueen toys, my wife and I…and the playroom,” Chris said.

Chris told us Alex has a specific spot on the playroom wall he kisses.

“It think it’s like, an old barbecue smudge…maybe ketchup? We haven’t cleaned it, because for some reason…that’s his kiss spot,” Chris told us.

On Saturday, Alex demanded Chris give the mark on the playroom wall a kiss.

“I’m tired. I want this nap to happen…I am considering a nap after I type this,” Chris said. “Yeah, I kissed it. Not worth resisting in that moment.”

It’s unclear when the mark on the wall was made, but parents say it doesn’t really bug them.

“It’s sweet,” Ami, Alex’s mom said. “He picked that specific spot, and he kisses it. Who am I to get in the way of love?”

Parents say they have no immediate plans of wiping the smudge off the wall.

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