Flashbacks to the newborn months: Dad puked on minutes before he had to leave for work

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A local dad said he had flash backs after his toddler puked on him minutes before he had to leave for work.

It happened earlier this week.

Three-year-old Alex Essex’s dad. Chris, said the toddler threw up on his pants after eating lunch.

“He hasn’t been feeling great, so I knew him throwing up was a possibility,” Chris said. “I even brought a big towel to the table just in case.”

Chris said he thought they were in the clear…but then Alex gave him the look.

“It was that ‘oh no dad’ look…I knew what was about to happen. I caught most of it with the towel but some got on my pants,” Chris said. “It was after I already put my shoes on too…so I had to take them off. So many steps.”

Chris said he absolutely was not upset with his son.

“Not mad at all…it happens. But it gave me flashbacks to the spit up days. Back when I was a rookie dad with a newborn. I would feed him before I walked out the door…and boom, spit up all over my shirt,” Chris told us.

Parents say Alex seems to be feeling better, and believe he is dealing with allergies.

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