Two eggs destroyed in hard-boiled ‘Easter Eve Egg Massacre’

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – Parents are calling it the ‘Easter Eve Egg Massacre.’

That is as three-year-old Alex Essex reportedly destroyed two hard boiled eggs while the family was attempting to color them.

On Saturday night., Chris and Ami Essex boiled up the eggs for the long time Easter tradition.

“Alex was a little grumpy at first, he isn’t feeling great. I think spring time allergies have him a bit under the weather,” Chris said. “He just wanted to play with his dump truck and try and knock over bowls of water with the dye in them.”

Ami told us she still wanted to color eggs, so she went on with the fun.

“I am not going to let a grumpy toddler ruin my fun,” Ami told us.

That is, until he got ahold if an egg.

“We didn’t think a whole lot about it…our thoughts? How much mess could one egg be?” Chris said.

They said it started off nice enough, with Alex pushing the egg in the back of a toy dump truck…but with one smash, things went off the rails.

“He was so excited. After the smash, he looked at us like, is this okay? When we didn’t stop him…yeah, he was excited. You are only little once,” Chris said.

He told us the toddler was having so much fun with the one egg, they decided to give him another.

“So, two eggs can be a pretty big mess,” Chris said. “I had no idea, but oh well, he had a blast!”

The parents said clean-up wasn’t too bad, with Anya, the family’s yellow lab on floor clean up duty.

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