Three-year-old demands bite of raw potato, thinking it was an apple

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – Red potato or apple? That was the argument a local toddler tried to make

It happened on Friday morning at three-year-old Alex Essex demanded a bite of an apple he saw his father, Chris Essex, slicing.

The only problem? Chris says it was a red potato.

“I was dicing the red potatoes to cook them in the air fryer. Onions and green peppers. Yum,” Chris said.

He told us Alex would not accept it was a red potato, demanding a bite.

“I was tempted…but my wife would have killed me if I let Alex take a bite of raw potato,” Chris told us.

Chris told us they had apples on hand, so after he finished up with the potatoes he cut one up for Alex.

“The three-nager stage has hit him hard…so sassy,” Chris said.

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