WATCH: From aww to ‘oh no.’ Snowy excitement turns into mud run

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A local dad said he captured video of the moment his toddler went from cute mode to ‘oh no.’

It happened on Saturday in southern Vigo County.

Chris Essex told FTN Saturday started out with rain at almost 50 degrees. That led to muddy areas outside of the family’s apartment.

Three year old Alex Essex was staying the night with his grandmother the night before.

“Alex was at his grandma’s house, by the time we brought him home…it was snowing outside,” Chris said.

“Alex was so excited to see the snow,” Alex’s mom, Ami said. “He started jumping up and down…but then he saw the mud.”

Parents say Alex bolted straight for a muddy area, running through it.

“If it were warm…okay. It would have been cute…but it was snowing. We had to burst into parent mode,” Chris told us.

He said he captured that moment on camera.

“I was shooting video of his reaction to the snow. Super cute stuff. He was so excited. Jumping up and down. But you can see the gears turn in his head…like…oh mud. I’m going to check that out,” Chris said.

Ami went into the mud to get Alex, forcing both of them to take their shoes off before they went inside.

Alex’s shoes were not permanently ruined.

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