Toddler receives five minutes of time out time for ripping vertical blind off of sliding door

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A local toddler is accused of ripping another vertical blind off of the sliding glass door.

Parents have accused three-year-old Alex Essex of ripping the blind down, causing almost $3 in damages.

The most recent incident allegedly happened Thursday evening.

Ami Essex reportedly walked into the living room and saw the broken blind laying on the floor.

According to online court records, Alex has served time-out on three different occasions for this offense.

“We’ve had to send him to time-out before for this. He is a repeat offender. We are working to come up with a new, stricter punishment to fit this crime,” the toddler’s dad, Chris said.

Alex preliminarily served five minutes of time-out for pulling the blind down on Thursday.

We reached out to Alex for a comment, but he is currently in bed for the night.

“We are due to buy more blinds. As a punishment, we will probably force him to sit in the cart for the entire trip to the store. That will drive him crazy,” Chris said.

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