Dad hopes superglued glasses will hold out just a little longer

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A Terre Haute dad said he hopes his superglued glasses can hold on just a couple more weeks after ordering his new ones.

Back in December, then two-year-old Alex Essex broke his father’s glasses while the two were roughhousing.

36-year old Chris Essex says he doesn’t blame Alex, since the two were playing, and it wasn’t intentional.

“I should have taken them off. He was running and jumped into my arms. He accidentally head-butted me, snapping them at the side,” Chris said.

Chris’ wife Ami went to work right away, supergluing them.


“I did a hell of a job with them,” Ami told us. “It took me two times. The first one broke too quickly…but I think it’s because Chris put them on too quickly. I blame him.”

That was December and now it is March, and Chris said he finally made it to the eye doctor to get an exam and order new ones.

“In December, I said I would get this week. I would go in and do the process. December came and went, and the super glue was holding, I stopped thinking about it. I mean, you can hardly notice it,” Chris said.

He told us what ultimately made up his mind was the insurance.

“I am paying for vision insurance…and I didn’t even use it last year. I was getting my money’s worth this year,” Chris told us.

Over the weekend, Alex was with his grandmother, so Chris decided to go in and get it done.

“They look the same, kind of. Black. But it will take up to 21 days for them to arrive. Since I am using my insurance, they have to be shipped off,” Chris said.

He told us he hopes his wife’s superglue job can hold out just a little bit longer until the new frames arrive.

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