Parents fear break-in…toddler to blame

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A pair of Terre Haute parents were alarmed when they woke up thinking their house had been broken into.

It happened Monday morning at a south side apartment.

When Chris and Ami Essex got out of bed, they noticed most of them items in the living room thrown on the floor.

“We were for sure someone broke in while we slept. It was chaos,” Chris said.

Ami said it took her about five seconds to remember what happened, as the guilty person was still in the home.

“So, we were exhausted last night. We both haven’t felt well. So we went to bed with the living room still trashed with toys and stuff,” Ami said.

That places the blame on two-year-old Alexander Essex.

One day of just saying forget about it. I don’t feel well, and it all goes to chaos the couple agreed.

“I think a table was flipped over. There were clothes and books all over the couch. A sippy cup and an empty bowl were in there somewhere,” Chris said.

The cleanup process continues, but Ami just said she was glad nothing was stolen.

“We could have seriously lost some stuff there. I’m thankful we didn’t.”

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