Infinity and Beyond: Parents received ‘contact Buzz’ from their four-year-old

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (KNN) – A pair of Vigo County parents have been receiving a contract “Buzz” from their four-year-old son.

This comes after Alex Essex says he is demanding to be called Buzz Lightyear.

It started earlier this week when Alex’s mom, Ami, put the child in his Buzz Lightyear pajamas.

“He has these really cute PJs, like a full Buzz spacesuit. He’s worn them before. But after I put them on him this time, he insisted his name was Buzz Lightyear,” Ami said.

The trend continued the next day, even after his dad, Chris, took the pajamas off to get him dressed for the day.

“So he was doing something bad, I forget what it was…but I was like ‘Alex, stop’ and he responded with ‘I’m not Alex. I’m Buzz,” Chris laughed.

Parents said this has led them to call a last-minute change on Alex’s Halloween costume this year. Previously, the two leading contenders were a pumpkin and the Hulk.

On Friday, Alex insisted on wearing those Buzz Lightyear PJs to a doctor’s appointment. He reportedly insisted his doctor, and nurse refers to him as Buzz.

“Right now, Alex activity corrects you if you call him Alex. He says his name is Buzz,” Chris told us.

Before bed on Friday night, Alex was spotted shooting his laser at things in his bedroom while jumping on the bed.

“The pajamas are currently in the laundry. We are on a load a day cycle so those can stay clean,” Chris said.

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