Dad experiences 2020 style karma as he taxes his son’s popcorn chicken at Walmart

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (KNN) – A trip to a local Walmart turned into a lesion in karma for a Vigo County dad.

It happened at Walmart on the city’s south side.

Chris and Ami Essex took their four-year-old son, Alex, to the store after realizing he has grown out of most of his pants ahead of fall and winter.

“We were shopping for pants for Alex, and it was getting close to lunchtime so we bought him a cup of the popcorn chicken from the deli,” Chris told us.

Chris told us Alex ate most of the cup and was starting to slow down, so he decided to snag a couple of pieces. He calls it his dad tax.

“I apparently don’t know to eat…so it went down the wrong way and I start coughing under my mask,” Chris said.

Chris told us the coughing wouldn’t stop, and he started getting looks.

“So in the age of COVID…you don’t want to be the person in the middle of Walmart out of control coughing. I overexplained to Ami and Alex that food went down the wrong way,” Chris said.

Alex reportedly yelled at his dad for eating the food.

“I told him not to have my chicken,” Alex said. “That chicken made him cough.”

Chris assured us he left his mask on during the entire coughing fit.

“It was karma…delivered 2020 style. Yes. I will keep up with the dad tax, but I will be more careful about it,” Chris laughed.

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