Carb overload: Local four-year-old helps himself to a pile of bread right before bedtime

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (KNN) – A pre-bedtime snack turned into a carb overload for a Vigo County four-year-old.

It happened when Alex Essex decided to get whatever snack he could reach on the counter…which turned out to be a loaf of bread.

Parents told us Alex has a history of eating only bread as a snack.

“One day I was trolling him while I was cooking him dinner…and gave him one piece of bread, and told him that was all he was getting. He was hooked on bread after that,” Alex’s dad, Chris, said.

Parents told us they told him to get a banana from the counter, but Alex came back with a pile of bread.

“At one point, he tried to eat five pieces of bread…at once. I couldn’t help but laugh,” his mom, Ami said.

Alex nearly finished the pile of bread before he went to bed.

“Look, I know we need to promote healthy eating, but sometimes you just have to live your best life. If I could eat a pile of carbs before bed…I would do it every night.” Chris told us.

Alex told us he didn’t regret eating the pile of bread, mostly, because he didn’t know what the word regret meant.

“I don’t want to regret,” Alex told us. “What does a regret do? Does daddy do a regret?”

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