Only a dream? Four-year-old thought he’s dreamt about going to a town of big things

CASEY, Ill. (KNN) – A Vigo County four-year-old said he thought he was dreaming after his parents took him to a town full of oversized items.

Parents Chris and Ami Essex took their son Alex to the town of Casey, Illinois.

Casey is home to things like an oversized mailbox, birdcage, and chair…among many other things.

“He loved it. He absolutely loved it. He went up to the top of the mailbox twice, locked himself in the birdcage. He just had so much fun exploring,” Ami said.

Parents say what happened the next day made them laugh.

“He didn’t take a nap the day we went to Casey, so by the end of the day he was really tired. The next day, he woke up and told me he had a dream about a big chair,” Chris laughed.

Chris and Ami told KNN they can understand why Alex thought he may have been dreaming. The chair, for example, is several stories tall. The mailbox is big enough to fit a large group of people in.

“I went to the top of the mailbox and then mommy took my picture with daddy in my dream,” Alex said. “I had to go pee too or three times.”

He told us it was a happy dream.

Alex was also quick to point out an oversized caterpillar.

“The very very very hungry caterpillar,” Alex commented.

Chris and Ami told us the trip to Casey was worth the 45-minute drive, and they were truly impressed with the town.

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