Where have I been?

Where have I been? I’m sure that’s the question none of you are asking.

Well, first of all…I remain extremely lucky. Alex, Ami, and I are healthy. Alex is still a free-loader, but Ami and I still have jobs and everything is solid there.

Like most of you though, 2020 has hit me pretty hard. When I wasn’t working, I only wanted to spend time with my family. When I wasn’t spending time with my family I wanted to just kind of escape.

I was super into hardcore drugs. Kidding. I kind of dove into video games and movies. Those two have always been my go-to when I’ve felt really down.

I love writing about my son and his adventures. But even that became like work for me. I’ve been working from home since March. Separating work-life from personal life can be a challenge. When my work-life involves writing…and my hobby involves writing…it just kind of got to be too much.

So video games have helped…rewatching Marvel movies helped. Oh, and Big Brother: All-Stars…that’s Ami and my guilty pleasure.

I want to try and drop in more. Doing this is a fun creative outlet for me…so Hi! I’m back again.

2 thoughts on “Where have I been?

  1. glad to have you back. I’ve been working from home since March – and it looks as though we won’t be returning to the office – how strange that (most) adults can be productive even without someone in the next room. Not that I want to add to your list of “must sees” – but have you checked out Misfits? It’s not exactly Marvel, but it’s bingeworthy…

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    1. I’ve heard about Misfits! It’s been on my list for a while now. I plan to check it out soon! Working from home is for sure an adjustment. For me I think the biggest issue is the social interaction. But you’re right, it is strange how that’s the case…with being productive.

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