DOP: 40-minute standoff with underwear-clad 4-year-old ends in bedtime

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (KNN) – The Department of Parenting says a 40-minute standoff with four-year-old Alex Essex ended peacefully.

Officials say the standoff started after Alex finished his bath, and went directly to his ‘engine room’ in only his underwear – and shut the door.

DOP representatives Chris and Ami Essex say they used several methods to try and lure Alex out, including music and gummy snacks.

“We were coming up on his bedtime,” Ami told us. “He exited the bath, went straight in there.

Officials say the 40-minute standoff with the boy started when Alex refused to come out of the room. They said he wasn’t even playing with anything, just standing in there laughing at them.

“While the door was shut, we were able to get surveillance on him using the crack under the door. I pointed my cell phone camera to the door…and we could see him standing behind an old changing pad table that is now used for Disney Cars and Thomas the Train toys,” Chris told us.

DOP officials say they slid several things under the door to lure him out, including a cardboard Toodles from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with gummy snacks on top and Lightning McQueen toys.

They also played several songs from the Frozen soundtrack and a couple from Hamilton to lure him out.

“We ultimately had to breach the room to bring him out. We had him put his hands on the door and finished getting him dressed. From there we got him to bed without incident,” Chris said.

“I was hiding from mommy and daddy,” Alex told us. “They had Toodles…I have to hide from Toodles.”

Alex was charged with one count of resisting bedtime, his 932nd time charged with this offense.

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