Four-year-old thinks some songs from Hamilton soundtrack are about him

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (KNN) – A Terre Haute four-year-old says he now thinks some of the songs from the popular musical Hamilton are about him.

Chris and Ami Essex admit they were late to the party when it came to Hamilton, watching it on Disney Plus last weekend.

Now, with the songs stuck in both of their heads, their son Alexander, thinks the songs are about him.

“One in particular, ‘Best of Wives and Best of Women.’ We actually let him hear that once, since it is age-appropriate. For the last two days, he has wanted to hear it before he goes to bed,” Chris said.

The song starts with the lyrics, ‘Alexander come back to sleep.’

Chris told us when Alex woke up on Tuesday, the first thing he said is ‘Alexander doesn’t want to go back to sleep.’

“I love inserting Alex’s name into songs in a silly way,” Chris told us. “Will the real Alexander, please stand-up…and throw one of those chicken nuggets from each hand up…for example. So it is fun to have quality songs with my son’s name in them!”

Chris and Ami told us they didn’t have an excuse to be such late bloomers to the Hamilton craze, because one of their best friends has been talking about it for years.

“I think I really need to learn to listen to Shaleena more,” Chris said. “She’s usually right about pretty much whatever she insists on.”

They say they are avoiding many of the songs for now with Alex, due to violence and language.

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