Parents secretly blast four-year-old’s design choices

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (KNN) – A pair of Vigo County parents say they are quietly judging their son’s choice of wall art in the family’s dining room.

Chris and Ami Essex say their four-year-old son, Alex, has added a cheap light up pineapple and a odd looking light up light switch to a series of family pictures.

Parents say they bought the pineapple last year when Alex had a major pineapple obsession, that finally came to an end when they bought him a real one to carry around for a weekend.

The light switch came out from a junk drawer during a recent power outage.

“So, when he saw the light switch, he wanted it on the wall. He removed a picture of himself so he could place it there,” Ami told us.

The pineapple shares a similar story after parents recently replaced its batteries.

“I did it to turn it on. So there can be light in here,” Alex told us right before tripped and fell onto a chair.

We also asked Alex about the pineapple, he said “I just like the way it looks on there.”

Parents say they will likely let them stay in place until the batteries run out, and then take them away while he is sleeping.

“It probably won’t take long. He insists they both stay on while he is out here…and we usually forget at night, so they both stay on,” Chris told us.

They say he’s also added a Lightning McQueen chalk board.

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