Parents shocked as 4-year-old sleeps through power outage…with a twist

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (KNN) – A pair of local parents say they were shocked as their four-year-old son slept through an hours long power-outage, with a twist ending.

It happened Saturday night at storms moved through the Wabash Valley.

Parents Chris and Ami Essex tell KNN they put their son to bed just after 7:00 p.m. The lights went out just before 8:00.

“Alex sleeps every night with a fan on high and a Hue light on red at about five percent brightness as a night light,” Chris told us. “I mention the Hue light because that is an important part of this story.”

Parents say the lights flickered a couple of times before they went out. At one point, they thought they avoided the power outage…only to lose it a few minutes later.

“So with the Hue lights, every time we lose power and it comes back on…the Hue light turns back on at 100 percent brightness with full yellow…or white…or whatever the brightest color is,” Chris told us.

When the lights flickered, parents were bracing for Alex to wake up, but avoided it. Around three-hours later when the lights returned…Chris and Ami scrambled to get his lights back down to normal.

“We had to wait for our router to boot back up,” Ami said. “The light hub plugs into that. You need the hub to control the lights.”

The problem is, parents say, Ami unplugged the Ethernet cable connecting the hub to the router when the family was having internet issues.

“It was a tense couple of minutes while we were trying to troubleshoot the problem when it wouldn’t work, Then I remembered what I did earlier,” Ami told us.

Ultimately Alex didn’t wake up. Parents say they were both thankful and shocked.

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