On with the potty: Four-year-old spends over one-minute gathering toys to ‘watch him pee’

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (KNN) – Parents say a Vigo County four-year-old is wasting precious potty time so he can gather toys to take to the bathroom with him.

Chris and Ami Essex say their son always takes at least a toy to ‘watch him pee.’ They say they aren’t sure how this trend started, but it’s been going on for a while.

“I guess my only theory is when he first started peeing in the potty…toilet…we had to go with and watch every time. He had a major putting toys in and flushing problem,” Chris said.

Chris told us they’ve since dropped the practice, saying Alex can go to the bathroom on his own, but he still needs to bring a toy to watch.

Recently, Alex worked to fill a bucket of Hot Wheels cars to take with him. He had to pee really bad, parents say, but he spent over a minute gathering them to take with him.

“So, the picture I submitted to KNN…he literally found a corner of Thomas instructions that were ripped off under his train table and had that watch him pee,” Ami said.

Other odd things he’s had to watch him? A baby bumblebee from the Kroger brand baby items, his Buzz Lightyear toothbrush, and the AppleTV remote.

Parents say, overall, the practice is fairly harmless, so they are letting it go for now, but they will continue to monitor the situation.

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