Bouncy four-year-old interrupts dad’s Zoom meeting

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (KNN) – A bed bouncing four-year-old Zoom bombed his dad’s work meeting.

It happened on Monday afternoon.

Chris Essex has been working from him for months, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He connects to his work, like many around the world, using Zoom.

During a daily meeting, four-year-old Alex began jumping on the bed behind his dad.

Chris says he is using a desk in his and his wife Ami’s bedroom.

“Alex has his bedroom…the spare bedroom is his train room, so that leaves us with our bedroom. Our bed is right behind us. Yesterday, he came in and started jumping on the bed during our afternoon meeting,” Chris told us.

Chris tells us you can’t see the bed on his Zoom camera, so it just looked like Alex was extra springy.

“Yeah, the people where I work got a laugh out of it,” Chris told us.

Chris told us Alex has done very well since he’s been working from home, saying he comes and visits, but is for the most part very well behaved when he does.

“I call him my assistant or my helper,” Chris said. “He will being me snacks…and anytime I go to get a drink or some food he wants to go open the door for me and close it when I get in. It’s pretty great having him as a helper,” Chris said.

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