Dad hopes for rain while son spends the night at his grandmother’s, so he can play video games guilt free

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (KNN) – A local dad says he is hoping for rain while his four-year-old son is away for the night at his grandmother’s house.

Chris Essex told Kid News Now his son Alex will spend Friday night in Paris, Illinois with his grandmother.

He said he is hoping for rain so he doesn’t feel like life would judge him.

“I kind of just want to play PlayStation and eat food,” Chris told us. “If it is sunny outside…I feel like the sun, and life is judging me for laying in bed and being lazy.”

He said he enjoys doing stuff with his son when he’s around, so it doesn’t feel like any kind of obligation, but he enjoys when he is able to lay around and do nothing.

“If it’s raining outside it is 100 percent guilt free. I don’t feel like I should be going for a walk…or you know…feel like I should be sitting outside,” Chris said.

The forecast for Friday in Terre Haute is 90 and sunny. Chris says he will likely use the heat as an excuse to hang out inside.

“90? Yeah, that’s too hot for me. I’ll leave to go to the store…maybe get some coffee…it’ll be purely a food run,” Chris said.

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