‘I messed up. I deserved the punishment.’; Mom placed in timeout by four-year-old for saying bad word

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (KNN) – A Terre Haute mom was sentenced to time-out time after she was busted saying a bad word.

It happened earlier this week in southern Vigo County.

The Department of Parenting reports Ami Essex was caught by her four-year-old son Alex saying the word ‘stupid.’

According to DOP officials, parents have put a nix on their son, Alex saying the word stupid after he became out of control saying it.

“Stupid car, stupid tv, stupid bed. He would go a little crazy with the word…so we removed it from his vocabulary. He now sees it as a bad word,” DOP official Chris Essex said.

Earlier this week, officials say, Ami, while in conversation with her husband casually said the word stupid in front of Alex.

“That’s a bad word!” Alex yelled. “Mommy needs to go to timeout.”

Ami told us she felt a little uneasy being sentenced by her son, but admitted she did the crime…so she accepted the punishment.

“We can’t show a double standard in this situation. I messed up. I deserved the punishment,” Ami said.

Chris, from the Department of Parenting, helped enforce Alex’s sentence to make it feel more official.

“We don’t want Alex thinking he makes the rules and gets to sentence his mom to timeout, so I reinforced the sentence, throwing my weight behind the decision,” Chris told us.

Alex reportedly enjoyed the timeout time for his mom, telling her to face the wall and that she wasn’t allowed to talk.

“Mommy. You go to timeout for two minutes,” Alex said to Ami.

He reportedly went on to ask her if she knew what she did wrong before she could get up.

Later, Chris said this was one of his favorite moments as a DOP official.

“I’ve never seen anything like this. I think this goes down as one of my favorite parenting moments so far. I had to hide my laughter when Alex sentenced her,” Chris said.

Ami said the punishment was fair for the crime she committed.

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