VIDEO: Four-year-old drops ‘F’ word and ‘B’ word while eating lunch at Denny’s…parents blame rhyming

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (KNN) – Parents say rhyming was to blame when their four-year-son developed a foul mouth during a family lunch outing.

It happened on Friday afternoon when Chris and Ami Essex settled on Denny’s, because the Steak and Shake dining room was still closed due to COVID-19.

They say their son Alex loves to rhyme. He has gotten into the “Banana nana bo banna” rhyming song, using different words.

“Alex was looking out of the window at the restaurant, doing the song with different things he saw,” Ami told us.

That is when they say Alex saw a truck and a ditch.

“We DO NOT cuss in front of him, we are both really good about it,” Chris said. “I don’t think I’ve ever dropped a bad word in front of him honestly. So when we heard him drop f*ck and b*tch in his rhymes…we were thrown off.”

Thrown off…but witnesses say they still laughed.

“Witnesses said we laughed? Yeah. We laughed. I will admit that right now. I laughed hard,” Ami said.

Chris’s brother David Essex saw the video and commented “That was the cutest F bomb I’ve ever heard.”

Chris went on to say the location was very fitting.

“I think a lot of people have had moments they may not have been proud of in a Denny’s. From now on, we can always say Alex’s first time being vulgar, even if it was on accident, was at a Denny’s,” Chris told us.

Click play on the video to watch.

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