Four-year-old places LEGO block in time-out after stepping on it

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (KNN) – A four-year-old Terre Haute boy is punishing one of his toys after he left it out and stepped on it.

It happened on Friday morning in southern Vigo County.

Parents say four-year-old Alex Essex left a LEGO brick one the floor, and then stepped on it. That caused Alex to cry.

“That LEGO brick hurt my foot and toes,” Alex told us. “I put it in the time-out chair.”

Parents told us Alex was not seriously injured, but was angry at the LEGO. It sat in the time-out chair until Friday evening.

“He is afraid of the time-out chair. So now if he gets mad at a toy, or if he bonks his head on something, like the coffee table for example…he wants to put it in time out,” Chris, Alex’s dad said.

Parents used this as a lesson to convince Alex to better pick up his toys, but they are not encouraged it will help.

“Bad LEGO,” Alex said.

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